Angus Arms

 Gunsmithing for M1 Garand/M14, AR-15, & 1911




Tools and ammo are available for sale. Some of the items are unique, and made especially for us. Others are the proper tools, and of good quality, and come as our highest recommendation.


Item - Tap 001

Tap for M14 gas cylinder plug threads. Size .545-40 UNS 3B GH2.

These taps are custom made for me in the USA from high speed steel.

Handy for repairing damaged gas cylinders or simply cleaning out carbon. Email for price

Item - Tap 002

.670-20 H3 3B plug tap for M14 gas cylinder locks.

Made for me from high speed steel in the USA. Email for price

Item - Die 001

.670-20 3A HSS 1-1/2” O.D. adjustable thread cutting die for M14 barrel gas cylinder lock threads.

Custom made for me in the USA.

Email for price and availability.

To purchase any of these unique tools, please email: