Angus Arms

Gunsmithing for M1 Garand/M14, AR-15, & 1911


Other Services  

Although we are best known for our work in 1911s and .30 cal. service rifles, we are experienced in the troubleshooting and repair of other firearms.


Gus is a factory certified armorer for the Beretta and M&P series pistols. Ruger and High Standard .22 pistols, Browning Hi-Power, Glock, Smith & Wesson, M&P, and Beretta 92/96 are among the semi-auto pistols we repair frequently. Feeding problems corrected and trigger work available.   We generally do not do revolver work.


Barrel installation and head spacing, general repairs and troubleshooting. Most repair parts are in stock for the FN/FAL.

M1 Carbine:

Your carbine acting up? We can repair it. Barrel installations, sight adjustments, general troubleshooting.